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How Affordable Is It To Have a Website Built for my Cleaning Business?

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Is it really MORE Affodable to have it built for me?

As an entrepreneur you are accustomed to doing things yourself.  As a new business you will face many decisions.  Cleaning businesses don't make money sitting behind a desk, they make money getting out there, meeting people and selling accounts.

It is easy to think you would save money by making your own cleaning company website but Lesson One-as a cleaning business owner,  your time is $money$.

Still convinced that you can save money doing it yourself?

Think you would spend at least 20 hours

  • creating a logo

  • building a professional, optimized, coordinating website

  • creating letterhead and envelopes that you could use both on your computer or printed for hand written letters

  • Purchasing a domain name

  • Finding, purchasing and setting up a hosting account

  • Creating email accounts at your domain name


We KNOW you would. 

Just think if you spend that 20 hours hitting the pavement and selling your cleaning services???

Even if you picked up ONLY two new customers you could easily make this much.  But it isn't just about the money picking up those two new customers you have also just grown your business and increased your exposure within your community.

Having a hard time believing this?  Here is the math.

Residential Cleaning: This is only for demonstration purposes.  Chances are your rates are higher. Hourly production rates vary by company.

New House 1  
2500 sf

cleaned every other week (not twice a month, every other week)

$85 per clean

every other week = 2.165x per month

= $184 month +$50 initial cleaning fee=

$234 for first month

New House 2  
2,500 sf

cleaned weekly

$70 per clean (and this is cheap) *4.33x per month=

$303 for first month


  $234 + $303=$537

Commercial Cleaning: This is only for demonstration purposes.  Chances are your rates are higher. Hourly production rates vary by company.

New Account 1  
2000 sf office

cleaned 3x week

  • Mon- .75 hrs
  • Wed- .75 hrs
  • Fri- 1.25 hrs
2.75 hours p/week * 4.33 wks=11.9 hrs p/month * $20 hr = $238 monthly
New Account 2  
3,000 sf bank

cleaned 5x week (M,T,Th trash, spot vac and door glass; Wed + Full vac; Fri + Full clean)

  • Mon- .5 hrs
  • Tues- .5 hrs
  • Wed- .75 hrs
  • Thurs- .5 hrs
  • Fri- 1.5 hrs (full clean)




3.75 hrs wk * 4.33= 16.25 hrs p month * $19 hr= $309 monthly

  $238 + $309 = $547.

$475 gets you a

  • A professional and unique logo for your cleaning or janitorial company.

  • A stationery pack with printable templates for letterhead, fax cover sheet, envelope and business cards.

  • A five page coordinating website with employee application, quote request form, stats tracker and more.

  • Hosting (one year)

  • Domain name (one year)

  • All the email accounts you need

Make a good business decision...go get two new customers this week and we will take care of all the 'techy stuff'!